Joe Jenne

Duck Chess

A variant that actually looks interesting

(I am essentially just condensing the contents of, check it out)

duck chess example

Duck chess is normal chess but with an extra "blocker" piece (a duck) that is moved but cannot be taken.


  1. In addition to normal chess, an item is used that takes up one chessboard square (the duck)
  2. Each turn consists of:
    1. a standard chess move
    2. moving the duck to any new empty square on the board
  3. The duck blocks movement like any normal piece but cannot be captured
  4. The game is won by capturing the opponent’s king - there is no check or checkmate due to potential duck blocking
  5. A move is described like Bxe3@g2 meaning Bxe3, followed by moving the duck to g2

If you think you've understood the rules, try work out the solution to the puzzle above


Not Qxh7@g5, as Black takes the queen and blocks the bishop - the queen is not as protected as you'd think.

but Qf6@g6 as Black is forced to move the duck next turn