home recipes

Around twelve hours before starting to make bread it's a good idea to refresh the starter[^refresh]. Do this by mixing 50g of the starter out with 100g of water and then mixing in 100g of your choice of flour (strong or strong+rye) until smooth.

* -10h40 whisk 10%[^1] starter with 60% water into a milkshake, pour by parts into (1/3 cake, 2/3 bread) flour[^2] in and mix into a smooth dough 
* -10h20 mix in 2% salt and knead for 5 mins until stiff[^3]
* -10h knead 5 mins until stiff then into oiled bowl, clingfilm
* -2h heavily dust surface, hands, dump dough top side down
* -2h fold outer edge into centre and press down with palm around 7-10 times to get round shape, pick up and pinch into shape
* -2h cover another bowl with a cloth and heavy flour dusting, pinch dough at bottom put top side down in bowl, cover
* -0h15 put oven on max (250C) put dutch oven in
* 0h dough is ready when poke finger in and it comes back very quickly. Take out dutch oven, flip dough in and score a few lines sharply across, into oven.
* 0h15 take lid off
* 0h25 turn to 200C 
* 0h40 final 10 minutes just on baking tray or less if you hate crusty bread
* 0h50 Done! Take out of oven[^4]

[^1]: Any % is a fraction of the weight of flour.
[^2]: Dough can take more water, not more flour.
[^3]: Wet hands helps with stickiness in kneading etc.
[^4]: Ideally leave the bread to form inside for three hours before opening.