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Trinities of Cooking

Simple combinations of three ingredients that just work.
There are some ingredients that are always expected: veg/olive oil/butter, flour, bread, lemon, salt and pepper

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green pasta
peas bacon orecchiette

Boil peas, prepare pasta and fry smoked bacon until crisp. Season and purée all but a few tablespoons of the peas with some of the water from boiling and a good amount of olive oil. Dress pasta in purée, peas, chopped bacon and drizzle of olive oil.

fried rice
egg rice courgette

Keep oil and pan hot. Fry a diced courgette in vegetable oil until caramelised brown then crack a couple eggs in and mix up. Before the egg sets mix in the rice and continue mixing getting moisture out of the mix. Serve after 5-10 minutes of hot stirring.

tips * Using leftover rice works better. * Use a wok oil that blends in sesame and garlic flavours. * Add chilli flakes with the courgette for an extra kick.
bacon boulangere ---------------- potatoes stock bacon Oven 200C. Cut scrubbed floury potatoes into rounds as thick as a pound coin, and bacon in thirds. In an oven dish layer potatoes and bacon seasoning on the way. Pour in stock and bake for an hour covered in foil, then fifteen minutes without.
tips * Serve with a mix of iceberg lettuce and watercress.
breakfast burger ---------------- bacon herby-sausage tomatoes Mix the meat from a few sausages with a few rashers of bacon sliced small. Create two patties and slowly cook in a little oil. Place between two halves of a toasted bagel with slices of a large tomato. tortilla -------- egg potato shallot Cut a large potato into very small dice and soften at gentle heat in olive oil for fifteen minutes. Add a finely sliced shallot for another five minutes. Pour a beaten egg over the top and continue for another three minutes on the hob before finishing under a grill. risotto ------- onion arborio-rice stock Stir finely diced onion into melted butter until translucent. Stir in a couple handfuls of rice per person heating it gently. Pour in a ladleful of stock, heating so that it bubbles around the rice - stir constantly. Keep adding stock covering the rice as it is absorbed. Stop while the rice is tender and not soupy.
tips * Add a couple saffron stamens for colour and some parsley to finish. * It can be nice with some frozen peas added at the end.
miso soup --------- white-miso rump-steak cavolo-nero Fry finely sliced cavolo-nero stalks briefly then add the steaks and brown both sides. Remove the steak and add boiling water to the pan. Add a couple tablespoons of miso and the cavolo-nero leaves then simmer briefly. Serve with the steak sliced into the broth.
tips * Add spring onions to the browning steak. * Add extra flavour with bouillon powder.
onion tart ---------- kalamata-olives onions puff-pastry Oven 220C. Cook a few thinly sliced onions on a low heat for a long time (even half an hour) until golden and sticky. Score a border on the pastry and prick all over with a fork. Lay out the onions and scatter slices of the olives on top. Bake for fifteen minutes.
tips * For summer you can switch pesto in for the onions and slices of tomatoes for olives. * Wash the border with egg for golden colour. * Scatter thyme before baking.
fishcakes --------- potatoes salmon tarragon Oven 200C. Boil peeled chunks of potatoes to tenderness and bake fish in milk until opaque. Mash the drained potatoes and add to it the fish pulled gently into flakes, saving the milk. Season and very lightly mix the fish and potato, shape into patties and roll in flour. Fry the cakes until golden. Heat some of the milk with tarragon leaves until thicker to create an accompanying sauce.
tips * A couple bay leaves can bake with the fish. * A glass of white wine and cream can also join the sauce. * Serve with steamed chard.
late-night pasta ---------------- spaghetti dried-chilli garlic To al dente pasta add olive oil that has slices of garlic, and a crumbled chilli lightly heated in it. The garlic should not yet be browned. chicken for supper ------------------ jointed-chicken garlic vermouth Rub the chicken in olive oil and black pepper. Add the chicken to moderate-high heated olive oil and butter once it starts to froth. After they become golden chuck in several crushed unpeeled cloves of garlic. Add salt, cover and turn to low-moderate heat. After turning occasionally for forty minutes remove the chicken and garlic, turn up the heat and pour in the vermouth scraping stuck bits. After bubbling and a squeeze of lemon spoon on chicken.
tips * Good accompanying herbs with the vermouth include parsley, tarragon and thyme.
winter soup ----------- stock pearl-barley greens Simmer the pearl barley in stock for twenty mintues until tender. Add greens (mustard/spring/spinach) a few minutes before the end to be cooked lightly.
tips * If the stalks on the greens are thick, slice them finely and add them with the barley. * Can also add thinly sliced radish, carrot or coriander. * A tablespoon of light miso paste also hits nicely.
pasta trapanese --------------- avocado fusilli pesto Toss the pesto with al dente fusilli and chunks of avocado.
tips * Make a homemade trapanese pesto by grinding together: blanched almonds, blanched garlic, basil, ripe tomatoes and olive oil - until creamy.
baked sea bass -------------- bass flageolet-beans tarragon Oven 200C. Mash tarragon leaves, butter, a squeeze of lemon and season. Season the bass and fill the belly with half the butter, thread it closed with a wooden skewer. Add the remaining butter and a couple drained tins of beans to a roasting tin, rest fish on top and cover with foil. Bake for forty minutes, fifteen mins before the end baste and remove foil. sausage danish -------------- pastry sausages fennel-seeds Oven 200C. Spread sausage meat over the rolled puff pastry leaving a small border. Scatter a couple teaspoons of the seeds and roll up the short edges like a scroll. Cut into finger-thick slices and bake for fifteen mins.
tips * Brush the edges and joins with egg before rolling, and brush again before baking.
chicken sandwich ---------------- roast-chicken avocado asparagus Boil a few asparagus until just tender and slice lengthways. Layer them with sliced avocado and leftover chicken between mayo-ed sourdough toast.
tips * Add a crunch with iceberg lettuce and a couple sliced spring onions. * Make the mayo more exciting by stirring in basil and tarragon.
summer pudding -------------- sugar white-loaf summer-berries Add sugar to berries at around 1:8 and bring to the boil with some water for around 5 minutes. Layer crust-less slices of white bread in a dish with the berry mix. Make sure there is plenty of juice on top at the end to sink in. Chill in the fridge for at least an hour.
tips * Berries here mean: raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants and blackberries
chocolate fruit --------------- dark-chocolate banana passion-fruit Melt all three together in a pan at low heat. Serve warm.